A little over a year ago, the El Paso Independent School District's Gene Roddenberry Planetarium loss seemed imminent. The building that housed the planetarium for years was demolished when EPISD had to move from their central El Paso offices on Boeing to their new headquarters off Stanton St. That building has been under construction for a year and is almost finished but there was no place for the planetarium in the new building. There was some good news when it was announced that the planetarium would be its relocating to Crosby Elementary School in Northeast El Paso but there was a lot to do to have that happen.

EPISD now says that they are working on reopening the Gene Roddenberry Planetarium by Spring of 2021. Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic plays a part in the reopening of the planetarium. EPISD officials say the reopening is dependent on health conditions improving. The planetarium is going to be relocated to Crosby Elementary School. Crosby will be consolidating with the new Archie Duran Elementary School.

The planetarium has always been such an El Paso gem. I'm so glad that it will be open to the public again, COVID-19 pandemic permitting. When I was a student at Cielo Vista Elementary, going to the planetarium was one of our annual school field trips. It was amazing to see the stars displayed and hear the voice of the narrator as they changed their places in the night sky of the planetarium dome.

Here's hoping that the pandemic will allow us to once again enjoy the planetarium with our kids so another generation can make new memories there.

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