I have seen tons of girls with these nails and was interested in getting some myself. After some research, I am not too sure if I will but they are just so gorgeous!

According to dermatologist, the UV light needed to set the three layers of nail polish for the gel manicures is just as dangerous as a tanning bed. These manicure machines are not regulated so consumers do not know how much of the rays they are exposed to.


Some other side effects are tumors developing in your hands, faster aging skin, harder to diagnose hand infections and peeling, brittle nails.

Women who get these manicures are advised to use sun screen before an appointment and to just get them for special occasions.

I really like this DIY Gel Manicure because it's cheap and this girl uses fingerless gloves to protect herself from the UV light. If you don't want to do it yourself, take some fingerless gloves to your next appointment!

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