You won’t believe how much Gal Gadot didn’t make to portray Wonder Woman on the big screen!

The new Wonder Woman flick has made over $600 million worldwide according to Forbes, but it seems that when the story of Gal Gadot being paid so little for her portrayal of Wonder Woman hit social media, the internet went berserk.

According to Variety, Gal Gadot signed a contract to star as Wonder Woman in a three-picture deal. These movies include, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, the current Wonder Woman film and the upcoming film, Justice League. In each of these films Gadot agreed to portray Princess Diana for a measly, $300,000 compared to what her superhero co-stars are raking in.

The question everyone is asking is how in the DC/Marvel world is she making so little Hollywood movie money compared to her co-stars portraying our favorite superheroes?

While there is a very real pay gap in Hollywood between female and male actors, in this case it’s pretty standard. The reality is that when Gadot initially signed on to depict Wonder Woman, she was not a house hold name and her scenes in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice were minimal compared to her co-stars. We should also note that Chris Evans collected the same $300,000 paycheck when he signed on for Captain America. Another reason the internet was in a fury was because it is being said that Henry Calvill collected $14 million for his role in Man of Steel – but that figure has never actually been confirmed and he probably initially did receive a smaller check upfront but then collected bonus checks and perks along the way that upped his total worth.

In lieu that this Wonder Woman film has already crossed more than half a billion dollars worldwide, you can expect that her next pay check will surely sky rocket into the millions, especially when she begins to re-negotiate her contract as the sequel to Wonder Woman is already in the works. So don’t worry – Gadot will score her fair share, she is Wonder Woman after all.

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