I guess I just didn’t realize how much I actually love superhero movies. So, I’m never really first in line to catch the latest superhero flick but casually if anyone suggests one I never say no. I’ve loved every Spiderman movies released and Wonder Woman was the T! Since nothing peaked my interest over the weekend to sit and watch I pulled up the dollar movie listings and noticed Justice League had a few showings! I love a deal so my sister joined me for so much fun in 3D! I had no idea dollar movies offered 3D showings but I will say this; every single time a bullet, ax or a fist was coming at the screen I shrieked and jumped in my seat. I also had no idea that Superman played by Henry Cavill had died! I didn’t realize that superheroes could in fact die but I suppose mega fans would explain that all of them come with a weakness. In Justice League, Batman, Aquaman, Flash, Wonder Woman and new breed of superhero bring Superman back to life for a sweet action fantasy film that I believe was missing the romance storyline that I always look for in a movie but aside from that, this was a wild ride. I appreciate the lack of vulgar language, sensuality, and narcotics in this film making it the perfect suspense film for the family! Two thumbs up from me. Justice League is already available on BluRay, Dvd and Digital on March 13th. Watch the trailer below.

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