El Paso’s favorite fluffy comedian is getting his own network television show.

According to the entertainment trade magazine Variety, ABC is working with Iglesias on a half-hour scripted comedy that he will co-produce and star in.

The premise sounds like a tried-and-true relationship/buddy comedy. Per Variety:

The [show] focuses on a commitment-phobic bachelor who reconnects with his friend who has just broken up with the woman he has been with since pre-school."

It's not known which roll Iglesias will play, although he seems more suited to play the down-in-the-dumps friend than a George Clooney-type bachelor, dontchathink?

The untitled program is still in the development stage. No word yet on when ABC plans to air it.

For now, if you need a dose of Fluffy's unique brand of humor you'll have to check out his new stand-up act,The FluffyMania World Tour, at the Don Haskins Center on Friday May 19, 2017.

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