Almost everyone has a fond memory of an old grocery store that doesn't exist anymore. We all remember when Furr's once existed at a few spots in West El Paso. If you attended Coronado High School before 2003 then that old grocery store holds a special place in your heart. If you need a reminder about Furr's just check out the 1992 commercial from EWJXN's YouTube.

Furr's always got busy with long lines with adults grocery shopping and students shopping for their lunch. Furr's was nice to have as a neighbor to Coronado High School for students who didn't have a car. A lot of us didn't start driving until we were juniors in high school while some were lucky to start driving by sophomore year.

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If you were friends with someone who had a car then Furr's wasn't exactly your destination for lunch. But sometimes students with cars would grab lunch at Furr's because they had to make up a test or work. I remember the seafood section would get packed with students wanting a shrimp cocktail.

I always carried a disposable camera with me in high school to take random pictures with friends. But this is when I kick myself in the butt for not taking a picture of a place some of us fondly remember and miss. After sharing about Furr's on a Coronado Alumni Facebook group, others responded and informed me about another location from back in the day.

Apparently, Furr's was also located where Big Lot's now sits off N. Mesa and Resler. Now I don't recall that Furr's location but definitely remember the one next door to Coronado High School. It was sad news for some students after 2001 when Furr's closed their El Paso locations on August 14, 2001. Place your vote if you remember Furr's as Coronado High School's former neighbor in the poll below.

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