Whether you drive by or are a part of the Coronado High School Alumni group on Facebook then you know of the changes being made. Honestly, I am glad the remodeling didn't come until many years later after finishing my senior year there in 2003. First, let me explain why I am glad they decided to remodel Coronado High School until recently.

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If you attended Coronado High School before the major makeover then you know how it was sometimes difficult to get good parking. Seniors and juniors were allowed to park in front of the C building and any other class could either park on the street or near the AG building.

Usually, the parking lot in front of the B building was for teachers but some students would park there occasionally. Lately, times I have driven by Coronado High School have me shocked about how so much has changed over the years.

Now the parking lot in front of the B building has another building taking up most of the section of that parking lot. I wonder how much of a struggle it is for students to find parking now with all the remodeling that has been done to Coronado High School.

Brian Senefeld who is part of the Coronado High School Alumni Facebook group shared a final farewell video of building A on his YouTube channel. While current students may be rejoicing some past students are crying inside.

We all remember taking keyboarding classes in building A and were sometimes responsible for taking the attendance sheet to the front office. Plus, we all remember when the counselors were also in building A on the lower level across from the front office.

If it has been a really long time since you have seen Coronado High School then Brian's video is worth a watch to catch yourself up on the new changes. The video shows the majority of Coronado High School from a bird's-eye view which you can see below.

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