One of my favorite movies is Fried Green Tomatoes and I was shocked to find out that it is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its release. The Turner Classic Movies channel is teaming up with Fathom Events to bring it back to theaters. I know kids these days will watch movies on tv like it's nothing but there is nothing like watching a movie in a theater. The acoustics, the larger-than-life screen, the popcorn, the movie theater candy boxes. It's an experience and for something like Fried Green Tomatoes that has so many visually stunning moments, you really don't get the same vibe from watching it on tv. You need to see it in a theater.

If you haven't seen the movie it's done in flashback and in the present, well, the present of 30 years ago. It's about two women, Idgie Threadgoode and Ruth Jamison who become friends after Idgie's brother, who is supposed to marry Ruth, gets killed in a train accident and then Idgie's mom asks Ruth to befriend her and she does and there is an uncurrent of the women being a couple but that's never discussed, just hinted at. Yeah. And that's just the flashbacks. I haven't even gotten into the friendship between Ninny Threadgoode and Evelyn Couch in the old folk's home. Go see the movie. You won't be disappointed.

WHAT: 30th Anniversary Fried Green Tomatoes screenings
WHERE: Cielo Vista Mall 8401 Gateway West Boulevard; Cinemark 20 & XD 11855 Gateway Boulevard West; Cinemark Montana 12700 Montana Avenue
GET TICKETS: Click here for online ticket buying

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