You're walking down the street, it's 5 degrees and you pass by a child, homeless and freezing. What would you do? You won't believe who finally stops to help him.

I bet many of you say you would stop and help, but this experiment shows otherwise. Countless people pass by this freezing child and slim to none even give him a second look.

He is wearing a torn shirt and torn clothes and shoes and has a paper cup and at one point in the video he even uses a trash bag he has to get inside of in hopes for some warmth. Two hours pass by and you will not even guess who stops and gives him a jacket. Another homeless man stops and talks to him for a bit and gives him the jacket off his back when he himself has nothing.

What the social experiment guys do for the homeless guy after he finds out it was just an experiment is nothing but amazing. Get ready for the waterworks!


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