We all have encountered different types of homeless people in El Paso. There are some homeless people who either try to get from town to town or the kind that find a permanent home to stay at for good. Some homeless you have seen in El Paso either need money to skip out of town, for food, or booze.

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Just last year some residents who live along Myrtle Street in El Paso have been concerned about the homelessness issue. Some of the homeowners living along Myrtle Street don't exactly feel comfortable in their own homes because of this issue as KTSM 9 News reported last year.

But I bet if the homeless people using Myrtle Street as their crashing pad were like this homeless man in California, residents would not mind so much. There is a homeless man that is definitely earning his stay near the freeway in California. Thanks to the YouTube video FOX 11 Los Angeles shared you can get a glimpse of the mansion.

Plus, even the owner of a Mexican restaurant in California who is the homeless man's neighbor said he actually helps keep the area clean. But this homeless man in California built his own mansion from the ground up out of little odd knick-knacks.

Near Fred Wilson and Dyer you will see different homeless people being creative and building their own fort. Granted, it isn't anything like the mansion the homeless man in California built but still something to call home. Now if you've been really passionate about helping people especially in the borderland, then see what you can do to help The El Paso Coalition For The Homeless by clicking here.

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