When I first heard that Frank Ocean had covered Moon River I immediately knew it was going to be mind blowing just because of the genius that Frank Ocean is but what I heard was literally a lullaby for adults...and that is an absolute complement. Ocean’s cover of Moon River is the cover that we all didn’t know we needed. Of course the song will make you reminisce about Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Andy Williams and if you are familiar with William’s version of the tune you might notice that Ocean’s rendition seems to be a modern take of what William’s had done. Even the funny almost chipmunk sounding introduction at the beginning wont make you question the gorgeous effort. You will however notice many comments under his upload where fans and non-fans are questioning his rendition of Moon River. The fans that aren't digging Frank’s Moon River aren’t going in on his as harsh as the world tore Fergie apart when she sang the national anthem but you’ll definitely see listeners not excited to hear Ocean’s attempt. This one gets two thumbs up from me and you can hear the cover below.

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