If you're not feeling quite as sharp today, it isn't just because today is Mondya or all that beer you drank watching football.  You might have done one of these four things that have been reported to make you dumb...??

1.)  Staying In.  Basically, studies show that the more social you are, the more active your mind is.  And the socializing keeps you sharp, especially as you get older. So if you didn't do anything this weekend, you weren't giving your brain the social workout you should be.

2.)  Not Eating Right.  The reason you hear about omega-3s all the time is because studies show they drastically improve brain health.  And omega-3 deficiencies are linked to learning disabilities and depression. Olive oil, fish, and some fruits and vegetables like broccoli and berries have high levels of omega-3s, so eat up!

3.)  Not Taking Your Prescriptions.  Some medical conditions can affect your memory, including common things like high cholesterol and high blood pressure.  So don't go off a prescription unless you talk to your doctor first.

4.)  Not Getting Enough Sleep.  If you don't get at least seven hours of sleep, it affects your memory.  Plus, being tired makes you more stressed out, which also hurts your memory. I tap a nap at any chance possible so I must be a genius!

Check out the list for yourself at www.thirdage.com!

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