Wedding proposals don't get any better than this.

During a family trip to Lake Michigan, Bill Devaney prepared to propose to Breanne Clark. What was suppose to be a romantic moment turned into a unforgettable hilarious moment, all thanks to Breanne's mom.

Bill's plan was to distract Breanne as they were taking photos and even though he wasn't sure how to exactly do it, he was given the best distraction possible.

Once the couple gets their pictures out of the way, Breanne's mom walks towards the couple to take a family photo and ends up falling flat on her face. Everyone begins to crack up and Bill gets on one knee.

It takes everyone a few seconds to notice the proposal, because like any good family they were trying to make sure mom was okay. The guy recording the whole scene even yells at his mom to get her face out of the sand and look at her daughter's big moment.

The happy couple only waited seven years for this big moment to be overshadowed by mom falling down. Hopefully that's a sign of a great future together.

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