Think hard...what's your very first childhood memory? Well if you had a "normal" childhood, your first memory might be....the dentist?! Ahhhh!


In a new poll of about 2,000 people conducted by the website, 1/3 of people say their earliest memory is a trip to the dentist!  And almost all of them say that they think the fear and pain are what made the memory stick. Not the sticker or balloon at the end of the visit while you're drooling and numb. The average age for people's earliest memory is about 4 years old.  Here's the full top 10 list of people's earliest memories:

#1.)  Trip to the dentist

#2.)  Birthday party

#3.)  Vacation

#4.)  First day of school

#5.)  Trip to the doctor

#6.)  Being outside

#7.)  An accident or injury

#8.)  A tooth falling out

#9.)  Receiving a present 

#10.)  Playing with friends

I'd have to say MY top childhood memory was #7...I fell out of a tree atleast once a day! lol Scraps and bruises were my friend. So some feedback, I know some of you don't remember what happened yesterday, but dig deep in your mind, what is YOUR first childhood memory?! Is the survey accurate?

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