“It’s a Wonderful Life”,” A Christmas Story”,” Christmas Vacation”, “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, anything by Rankin Bass, they’re all great movies and deserve their status as Christmas Classics.  I’d argue that the following movies, even though most of them don’t fit the traditional holiday mold, should be mandatory holiday viewing as well.







“Gremlins” – 1984: Considering how much Gizmo merchandise was sold in the 80s, this is probably the most commercialized out of all the movies on my list.


“Edward Scissorhands” – 1990: Probably the most heartfelt out of the four movies on my list. If only getting it to snow on Christmas was as easy as finding a really great ice sculptor.


“Scrooged” – 1988:  I know this is just a different take on a very traditional story but I’m a sucker for “A Christmas Carol”.  This is probably my favorite Bill Murray movie.


“Die Hard” – 1988: Yipee ki yay, mo….uh, I mean merry Christmas.

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