"She Used to Meet Me on the Eastside" is what Khalid sings in a love song with Halsey, by Benny Blanco. Many El Pasoans will also be saying "meet me on the Eastside" once more beloved restaurants begin to open in the area. Recently, Smallcakes posted about their big adventure to open up a new location in East El Paso

Independent Burger

Ooo I can taste the red onions already! Independent Burger is located in Montecillo, which for me, is close to my workplace. i enjoy heading out there for lunch for their amazing burgers and fries but have always been bummed that they are so far from my home. Very soon, their East side location will be open and welcoming their friends with open arms.

Tippi Teas
My lovely radio mother Tricia took me out for some breakfast smoothies to Tippi Teas and I fell in love. I've always been one of these people who don't think you should drink fruits or things you can prounance but I have realized I have been so wrong for so many years. Tippi Teas is filled with deliciousnous and I am so happy that they will be opening up for the East Side! We have healthy people all over El Paso, so it was about time to show some love to the East Side.

Small Cakes
I am a sucker for a good cupcake. Smallcakes makes some of the most delicious, creative flavors around town. They have their everyday flavors but they also have two flavors fo the day that are always a crowd pleaser. Not a huge fan of their fruity pebble one, but It hink that has to do with me being an orange flavor hater. I am always looking forward to their monthly rotation and I know so will more Eastsiders once they open up over there!

Hillside Coffee

Some of the tastiest donuts in town can be found at Hillside Coffee. Another wonderful Montecillo business that is happily expanding to the East Side. They continue to tease the grand opening soon but I CAN'T WAIT to share it with my fellow East Siders. Amazing coffee, tea, food and desserts, Hillside coffee is a beloved local spot that will be happily welcomed.

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