Four County employees now have covered parking and your taxes paid for it.

Right now, the covered spots are reserved for Tax Assessor-Collector Ruben Gonzalez, his chief deputy, Dr. Raymond Bader, the county extension director for the Urban Office, and the employee of the month.
Gonzalez told KFOX 14, "It might not have been a wise decision, but to me it was practical and it was to be utilized for future use.”

A not wise decision and you let it happen anyway, Gonzalez? He said he is ‘supposed to be a frugal steward of the taxpayer money,’ but clearly, having a shade canopy over his vehicle is more important that spending El Pasoans hard-earned tax money for things that benefit the county, and not just four people.

Why didn’t County Commissioners stop the project? They can’t really do much about projects like the covered parking because they set a budget for departments and then hope they use it prudently, something that didn’t happen in this case.

If you want to tell the County how you feel about this ridiculous waste of your tax money, call Ruben Gonzalez’s office at 546-2140. You can also call the County Judge’s office at 546-2098. If you would like to email each Commissioner and let them know how you feel about this project, you can get a complete list of County email addresses here.