For the first time in five years, El Pasoans were able to go to unicorporated parts of the County and set off fireworks. Everyone knows that there will be a huge mess to clean up afterward, but do you know who has to take care of the cleanup?

The County's graffiti removal team and the El Paso County Sheriff's Office was out in Montana Vista today with people on probation to help with the cleanup. County officials say it will take about three days to cleanup the trash left behind by Fourth of July revelers.

Chris Lightbourn, the quarterback of the Cathedral High School football team, was out on Monday, the day after he shot fireworks in Montana Vista on Sunday night. Lightbourn said he wanted to help with the cleanup because he had had such a good time shooting off fireworks. He did say that the scene on Sunday night was chaotic and "looked like a war zone, a lot of cop cars, ambulances everywhere, it was pretty scary at one point really."

There were 11 calls for assistance on Sunday night to the Montana Vista Volunteer Fire Department and 24 calls Monday night, way down from the estimated 200 calls they got the last time fireworks were allowed in the County in 2011.

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