Ebola may have dropped from the top of the news for the past week or so, but that doesn't mean the fight against the deadly disease has stopped. Troops from Fort Bliss recently deployed to help out in West Africa, and now Fort Bliss has been named one of five quarantine sites for troops returning from nations dealing with Ebola.

Ebola Soldiers
elpasotimes.com/file photo

Troops from Bliss who were recently deployed to Liberia will be building hospitals, but won't be in direct contact with patients with Ebola. Even thought they won't be dealing with patients with Ebola, troops who get deployed will have to undergo a 21 day mandatory quarantine when they return to the U.S. Fort Bliss' recent expansion is one of the reasons the post will house up to 400 soldiers at a time for their period of quarantine.

Bliss officials say the troops will go through a redeployment process that will keep them busy eight hours a day while they wait out their quarantine. Post officials also say they are pleased to be able to take care of their own as they come back from their mission in West Africa.

Thank you to all our troops who deploy all over the world and keep our country safe. May God bless and keep them safe always.

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