If you've listened to Mike and Tricia Mornings for a while, you know that my son Ryan was in the Army for eight years. He did three tours of duty in Iraq so deployments and coming home celebrations are something I know. So many families here in El Paso also know the sadness of a deployment so when we get amazing video of a local family getting to see their loved ones again, I'm all in. I'll watch those videos over and over because they are so heartwarming.

This El Paso mom got surprised by her son who is in the Navy. She was having dinner at the West Texas Chophouse and I'm not sure how the person rolling video on her got away with filming her and not making it seem unsuspicious but in the background, you see a guy in a Navy uniform and then her face when she realizes that it's her son. Seriously, I cried those quiet tears that turn into silent ugly crying. Check it out for yourself.

I mean come on. The look on mom's face when he comes into view, priceless. I love how she doesn't get up immediately but just drinks in the sight of him and then the cheering crowd. Aw man, I'm going to start crying all over again. We here at KISS FM want to thank Robert Perea for his service in the Navy and for letting us in on his sweet surprise for his mom.

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