The global threat of the Ebola virus has countries all over the world sending supplies and experts to Liberia to help prevent the spread of the deadly disease. This weekend, the first wave of 300 troops from Fort Bliss who will be deployed to help in the fight against Ebola, left for Liberia.


The advance group of 70 soldiers will set up facilities for the additional 300 troops from Bliss who are scheduled to deploy in late November. The thought that our troops could be exposed to Ebola is a scary idea, but Bliss officials say that even though the troops will be in Liberia, it's not likely they’ll ever be faced with a situation where they will be dealing with Ebola directly. They are there mostly to build Ebola treatment units and provide air transportation for other troops and health care workers in the region.

Bliss officials stressed that all troops who are going to Liberia have been extensively trained in how to protect themselves from Ebola, including how to get into and out of hazmat suits correctly.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to our troops. We thank them for their service, and we pray for their safe return.