If you walk outside your door or are around people at all this flu season, you might want to make sure you wash your hands a lot. The City of El Paso Department of Public Health has issued a flu advisory because there are four times the confirmed flu cases at this time than last year.

Officials say they want healthcare providers to begin antiviral medication as soon as possible after patients are diagnosed in order to reduce the severity of flu symptoms. People who are 65 years and older, pregnant women and young children are especially vulnerable to the effects of this season's flu.

The Health Department says that as soon as you get flu symptoms, you should definitely see your doctor and get antivirals so the symptoms don't get as severe. A flu advisory has been sent to El Paso area doctor's offices, clinics, and hospitals to get the message out about the flu.

Make sure you wash hands often, cover your cough, contain germs, and stay home if you are sick, and call or see your doctor if your child has a fever above 100 degrees.

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