For those who stay up-to-date with the latest social media trends, you know the Florida Man challenge has been going on strong. The Florida Man challenge is basically googling "Flordia Man," followed by your birthday, (EXAMPLE: Florida Man April 23rd) and then sharing the weirdest headline that pops up. We took to our Facebook page to ask our listeners what their birthday headline in Florida was and they were pretty funny. We asked them to also do an El Paso headline and they were pretty depressing.

I guess there is just, I am not sure if you want to call it, MAGIC, to Florida where the criminals decide to do weird acts like steal chicken nuggets or fight cats; but El Paso criminals' headlines seem to be really sad, drug or murder relate criminal acts. I really feel like it was a bad idea to ask people to google El Paso's headlines, BUT now it just helps us really see how crazy Florida is.