After nearly 2 months of weekly teases, Wet-n-Wild Waterworld has revealed details on the park's “biggest ride ever" currently under construction.

The water park posted photos (see above) and the following description of its newest ride, The Jaguar Falls, on the official Wet n Wild Waterworld Facebook:

"The...South American jungle-themed ride complex will be anchored by a green, yellow, and black six-story high 4-person family raft ride. We’re including a mechanical raft conveyor, so your raft can meet you at the top of the slide! To add to the adventure, you’ll make your way back across from the ride’s catch pool via a rope suspension bridge high above the ground."

Jaguar Falls will be located next to the Amazon ride. Park officials hope to have it open "sometime towards the end of May, fingers crossed!" -- presumably in time for the Memorial Day weekend.

Wet N Wild Waterworld opens for the summer on Saturday, May 6.

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