YOUR BIG DAY is HERE!  No, not your wedding day but, close, the 19th Annual Love Affair and Bridal Expo at E.P.I.C Railyard Center.  As you get ready to find everything from invitations to your just married getaway car, you need to make sure you SMELL GOOD that day.

A very dear friend is getting married this Saturday near Scenic Drive, and all she wanted was for me to help her find her Wedding Fragrance. (By the way, I not only have been in radio since I was a junior at Austin High School -- go Panthers -- I've been a Fragrance Specialist since 1999)

One bottle of champagne and several cupcakes later, she picked not one Wedding Perfume but three of the best fragrances.  Laura is 32, and I knew her tastes ran more to the gourmands. She usually wears Lacoste Touch of Pink most of the time, and she doesn't like "Sophia Petrillo" scents -- don't hit me, this is just young people shorthand -- that contain a lot of violet and iris or are powdery.  I kept all my vintage stuff tucked away and focused, obviously, on the modern fragrances, once given that information.

She smelled probably 60 perfumes, narrowing as we went to best scents she liked, which helped me keep refining what I brought out for her.  This was so fun for me, and it took like 3-4 hours.  Every comment about what she smelled gave me more information on what else to bring out.  What Wedding Fragrance did she pick?

Her wedding day scent? Gucci Bamboo. She felt it reflected confidence and femininity.  We ran into Greg Deason, Retail Executive with P&G fragrances, he was not surprised that Laura found Gucci Bamboo as her wedding fragrance. "Gucci fragrances are designed for modern women of character that are multifaceted; the fragrance is intense, graceful, and gentle at the same time." says Deason.

Laura's day-after wedding scent - Dolce Gabbana Light Blue.  A scent that is casual and breezy, sparkling citrus aroma that evokes the spirit of spring in the Sun City. It is mouth-watering and fresh notes of lime and cedar are bringing an image of south woods on the seashore. The perfect scent for the day after.

Her Honeymoon Scent that will linger, through New Orleans, complete with brass band and carriages, is Flora Gorgeous Garndenia.  A sparkling prelude of succulent red berries and juicy pear give way to an opulent floral heart. The person who chooses to wear this fragrance exudes a sultry sensuality that is both lush and enticing for the entire Honeymoon ride.

Before you head out to the Love Affair and Bridal Expo, Best Perfumes for a Wedding, what are your picks?  Or what was your Wedding Fragrance?  Let us know below and don't forget about the details below!

  • Event:  KISS FM's Love Affair & Bridal Expo
  • Admission:  FREE, bridal expo and newlywed event
  • Venue: E.P.I.C Railyard Center, 2201 E. Mills (Exit Piedras - Walnut & E. Mills)
  • Date:  TODAY, March 6, 2016
  • Time:  11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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