El Paso already knows that the perfectly glowing bride doesn’t happen by chance! So here are the bridal makeup tips and tricks to help you keep it glowing – just like you’ve always imagined…

The most important ingredient of your flawless glowing bride look is… healthy flawless skin! And there are no shortcuts here… so start months ahead with those healthy greens, fresh fruits and chuck out those fried nasties from your diet!!!

Everything rests on a strong foundation… including your make-up! I know you already know, but since you might be investing in a new (water-proof) foundation – I can’t but repeat – it’s all about covering your blemishes and achieving the perfectly toned skin. NOT about achieving a lighter skin tone!

So ladies, be comfortable in your skin, and get the accurate shade and brand that you must try for at least 2-3 months before your wedding day (we don’t want any unhappy surprises!)

The El Paso Bridal Showcase is happening today at Epic Railyard Event Center till 4pm.  Get ready for the best of the best for YOUR day!

So Monica gets you step by step into the perfect wedding vibe!

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