Downtown El Paso will light up once again as Fiesta de Las Luces takes over this weekend with food trucks, live music, art, and plenty of family-friendly fun. 


If you missed out on Fiesta de Las Luces last month, then tag your bestie, significant other, friends, or family and make your way downtown for a true El Paso experience. 

The Fiesta de la Luces will take over downtown from S. El Paso St. (Paisano to Fourth Avenue), bringing a festive atmosphere to the area while showcasing the Paseo de las Luces project attracting the public to help support local businesses. 

The Paseo de las Luces is a beautification project completed in 2018 by the City of El Paso. The art deco archway is stringed with lights and parklets that illuminate the area stretching down El Paso Street from the Paso del Norte international bridge to San Antonio Ave. 

Downtown El Paso DMD
Downtown El Paso DMD

Since July and every last weekend of the month through September, the Downtown Management District began hosting Fiesta de la Luces at the historic gateway to our city in downtown El Paso. 

El Pasoans, young and old, are invited to celebrate our culture with mariachis, Folklorico, family-friendly activities, live art, classic and performance cars on display, and much more. 

Downtown El Paso DMD
Downtown El Paso DMD

The Downtown Fiesta de las Luces is free and open to the public, located between Paisano and Fourth Avenue on El Paso Street.

Fiesta De Las Luces August Schedule: 

Saturday – August 28, 2021

  • 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. 

Sunday - August 29, 2021

  • 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

For more details, upcoming schedules, or information on becoming a vendor, visit 

Live Entertainment:

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Sunday, August 29, 2021: 

Food Trucks: 

Saturday, August 28, 2021 

Sunday, August 29, 2021: 

Adult Beverages: 


  • A Pinch of Spicy 
  • The Art of the Goddess 
  • Ashton Kaleigh Art 
  • Bandits Jerky 
  • B.E. Art by Blance Estrada 
  • Betty 12 Craft and Carving 
  • Cielo de La Frida 
  • Danny Martinez 
  • Dreadful Designs 
  • El Paso Inc 
  • EPTX Pkmn Go 
  • Euforia Customs 
  • EverClay 
  • Fraiche & Doux Body Works 
  • Gabriela’s Mexican Jewelry 
  • Happy Cow Printing 
  • iCreate with Clay 
  • J&M Creations 
  • Kiwi Horizon Creations 
  • Klevr Tea 
  • Kraving Sweets 
  • La Lencha 
  • Lead Accessories 
  • Lotus Botanical 
  • Love Alumni Mobile Boutique 
  • Lucid Rings 
  • Made for You 
  • Memories in Making 
  • Momo Creameries 
  • Muchas Flores Studio 
  • Ninalu Designs 
  • Ooh La La 
  • Painted Hand Studios 
  • Paw Bakery 
  • Pawpy Love 
  • Pluhkee Art 
  • Print Meikiando 
  • Proper Printshop 
  • Salsas “Mi Alma” 
  • Samantha Pichardo 
  • DDOS, Samuel Flores 
  • Sky Creations 
  • Sleepy Sloth Bakery 
  • Stunning Minerals 
  • Sun City Fire Sauce 
  • T & L Leather 
  • Toys and Lights 
  • UWeirdo 
  • Witching Flours 
  • Wulf’s Rebirth 
  • ZZ The Clown 

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