Ok, I have to admit, I had a HUUUUGE meltdown a couple of days ago when I declared that I was over this whole Fat and 45 thing //kisselpaso.com/fat-and-45-the-fit-fat-feh-edition/ .  I even said I was going to eat a Quarter Pounder with cheese!

Well, I did.  I ate a Quarter Pounder with cheese, took a nap, and then felt really, really bad about it.  I told myself that I deserved a serious day off because I had been running around getting Easter Basket drive stuff taken care of.  I told myself, c'mon, you'll NEVER be able to lose the weight because you're just too old and too lazy and too tired blah, blah, blah.  Then I pulled up my big girl panties and went to the gym today. 

That's me after doing an hour on the treadmill and doing upper body lifting.  I thought I would feel like I would be starting from square one, but amazingly, I didn't!  It felt good to jump on the treadmill and just lose myself in some 80's tunes.  And I found out that I needed to change the way I was doing cardio if I want to reach my goal.  One of the trainers told me that I should be walking longer, at a moderate pace, and concentrating on form, not furious interval training.  Interval training is good if you plan on running a marathon, which I'm not.  I want to drop pounds and firm up.  And let me tell you, after concentrating on form for an hour, my legs and butt feel like they really got a good workout!

So, I'm back to looking forward to September 24th, being either a size 8 or 10, and hopefully, making a lifelong change.  Thanks so much to everyone who called and emailed me and gave me words of encouragement!

Have you hit a wall in your exercise plan?  Tell me how you managed to get past it at tricia@ksii.com.