I just got back from the gym and was starting to think about dinner, you know, something healthy like a chicken breast, some grilled veggies, and maybe some rice, when I saw a friend came by - WITH A MINI DAIRY QUEEN BLIZZARD FOR ME! 



For the longest time, restaurants were going bigger and bigger with everything.  Bigger burgers, bigger muffins, bigger portions across the board.  And we went right along with it.  We ate bigger and got bigger.  That's why I'm fat and 45!  I love big food!  But now, in my darkest hour, in my fattest jeans, along comes Dairy Queen with their Mini Blizzards!

It's like they've seen my struggle and felt the strain of my buttons!  They know life without a Blizzard really isn't life at all!  So I dug into my 7 ounces of heaven, yes, I said it - I ate 7 ounces of Mini Blizzard bliss!  I promise I won't do it often.  After all, I really am making some headway in my fight against flab.  After I was finished, there was only one thing on my mind - hiding the evidence!

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