This was a tough week in my quest to be NOT fat and 45.  Darren got home from Houston after watching the Final Four and the NCAA Championship game, but he was really sick.  Fever, chills, moki nose, the whole nine yards!  It made it tough to keep on track with the gym, but I tried to offset that by...

... keeping my eating under control.  I figure if I could only manage 3 days at the gym in the last 7, I better not binge on anything!  The tough thing about trying to take weight off or keep it off can sometimes come in the guise of your loved ones.  Not that Darren is trying to keep me from my goal, it's just when you're sick, you want to be pampered.  Understandable, but tough on those of us who are trying to reach a goal. 

I think next week will be better.  Darren goes back to work on Sunday and I'll get back on my routine of going to the gym after work.  I feel sooo much stronger in just the short time that I've been at it, I don't want to go backward. 

What has been YOUR biggest challenge this week?  Are things starting to settle down so you can get back on track?  Don't lose sight of all the work we've already done and just take each day as they come.  Trite advice, I know, but really, the only way to get to the finish line.

September 24th, I'm looking at you!