If you are an eastsider and drive on Pellicano, you've probably hit a wall of traffic on between Loop 375 and Darrington Road during most of the day, but especially during morning and evening commutes. That is all about to change, but it will take some time and a lot of patience.

El Paso County Commissioners approved a portion of the funding needed to expand Pellicano Drive which is currently only has one lane in each direction between Loop 375 and Darrington Road. Because that area of town is the fastest growing part of El Paso, something has needed to be done for over a decade, and now it will be.

Pellicano will be expanded to three lanes in each direction along the three-mile stretch between Loop 375 and Darrington Road for a total of six travel lanes. The $10 million of the $17.2 million project will be paid for with federal monies. $2 million will be paid for from the county's vehicle registration fee.

The project is expected to be completed by 2020, so get ready for road construction, eastsiders.

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