Monika sits down with MainMan featuring actor Chris Mintz Plasse aka McLovin'.

McLovin' has a whole new gig with his band MainMan and they are awesome!

Actor and musician Chris Mintz Plasse was in town this week performing at Lowbrow Palace with his latest music project MainMan. The group was formed a couple of years ago and is fronted by Morgan Demeter on vocals, Chris Mintz Plasse on bass, Ryan Dean on drums and Nick Chamian on guitar.

I was invited to the show by a friend and actually had no idea who was playing until I arrived to the venue and once I heard them perform I was hooked. MainMan completely blew me away, it was indeed love at first listen. While the band keeps writing new music and working on a complete full length album, they continue to tour including an upcoming performance at Float Fest in San Marcos, TX.

The guys were so genuine and down to earth that after the interview we all went to go eat at La Cometa for some Juarez/El Paso local eats where they couldn't get enough of their flautas and tacos.


Look for MainMan playing in your city - this is definitely one show you won't want to miss!

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