The City of El Paso's Environmental Services Department wants to kindly remind customers now that summer is here to make sure and rinse out trash and recycling bins to avoid flies and odors from becoming a nuisance.

In an effort to curtail trash odor annoyance due to the excess heat, the El Paso Environmental Services Department is asking its customers to help reduce odors from trash and recycling bins by rinsing out their containers on a regular basis.

Summer is here and so is the heat amplifying and intensifying trash odors, which can become a nuisance. According to Chapter 9 of the El Paso City Code, it requires residents to maintain their trash and recycling bins in a “clean and nuisance-free condition.” With summer in full force this is more of a problem especially if garbage placed in the gray trash bins is not properly bagged. Recyclable material placed in the blue recycling bins should not be bagged, except for shredded paper and plastic bags and the lids for each bin should always be closed completely.

Customers who need their bins repaired or replaced should contact the Environmental Services Department by dialing 3-1-1.

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