COVID-19 information currently provided on has received an upgrade with the unveiling of a brand new “Power Dashboard” aimed at making pandemic related information easier to digest.

This updated online tool came about through a partnership between the El Paso United COVID-19 Transition Task Force and the City of El Paso.  Then new look dashboard will hopefully make it simpler for the public to view and understand the data that is being disseminated which will in turn continue to assist residents as well as City officials make clear, data driven decisions for anything that the coronavirus might impact.

In addition to charts, the Power Dashboard will also provide information such as the current infection rate in El Paso, testing resources available, the overall condition of those that have contracted COVID-19, and even data on any investigations.  Once accessed, users can dig down deeper into the data and break it down by different demographics such as area of town, age, and gender.

Just to be clear, you won’t be finding any information pointing towards specific individuals as the dashboard was designed to still respect and protect the privacy of any individuals who have become infected with coronavirus.

You can view the new dashboard by heading over to

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