After initially declining to take part in the online trend because the feeling was the “timing wasn’t best," it appears the El Paso Police Department will answer the challenge and participate in the Law Enforcement Lip Sync Battle after all.

Several of El Paso’s Finest were spotted in San Jacinto Plaza jumping, gyrating, and fist-pumping to Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling” while a camera crew filmed their sweet dance moves.

Arturo Guerrero recorded the cavorting cops on Sunday (9/9) and posted the clips on social media. The first snippet was filmed from a distance and shows them bopping in unison towards the camera man. The second, livelier clip shows them sharing the spotlight and dance moves with numerous park-goers.

“It was really cool to watch,” Guerrero wrote. “They were awesome! Thanks for inviting the people at San Jacinto [to participate].” Responding to Arturo’s post, Martah Alondra Lozano wrote, “Spoiler 🚨 Alert - We are producing the EPPD Lip Sync Challenge....coming soon EL PASO!!”

Her involvement with the project isn’t clear, but her business's social media account has a photo of the same police officers in the video clips with soldiers and their families and the caption, “Our troops got moves! Today at Ft. Bliss, recording the EPPD Lip Sync Challenge.”

I’ve reached out to the department’s Public Information Officer for official confirmation and more details.

El Paso PD Can't Stop the Feeling

El Paso PD Can't Stop the Feeling

El Paso PD Can't Stop the Feeling

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