If you’re been waiting for EPPD’s response to the Las Cruces Police Department’s challenge to participate in the so-called Law Enforcement Lip Sync Battle pull up a chair because it might be a while – or never.

The El Paso Police Department is declining to take part in the current online trend where law enforcement officers record themselves mouthing the words to popular songs. At least, for now.

“We’ve considered it,” replied Sgt. Enrique Carrillo, EPPD Public Affairs, to my email inquiry. “We don’t know if timing is best right now or how well it would be received.” I presume the “timing” thing is a reference to the controversy stirred up after the so-called ‘Cop vs. Kids’ video went viral nationally and sparked all kinds of water cooler and online debate.

Carrillo said he was aware of our neighboring department’s throw down but added you won’t be seeing any of our officers step to “at least for the time being.”

I must admit, Cruces po-po totally crushed it lip syncing to Toby Keith's early '90s Country music hit,“Should’ve Been a Cowboy”. Toby Keith himself dug it. But I have faith our men and women in blue can show them up. How about it, Chief Allen? I really think the El Paso community would love it.

Lip Sync Battle - Las Cruces Police Department

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