The El Paso Independent School District has approved their upcoming school year calendar but they want to make a change to the date that students can return to the classroom. As of the date, the school year is scheduled to begin online on August 17 but Superintendent Juan Cabrera released a statement saying they want the Texas Education Agency to roll that date back to October 9. El Paso City Council put an order in place that will allow school buildings to open on September 8, but EPISD officials say that because COVID-19 rates are continuing to rise, they need more time before they open schools for in-classroom learning.

District officials say that once it is safe to reopen campuses, you will be able to choose from three options for the school year:
1. Online learning from home - No classroom time, online learning through the EPISD@Home learning platform.
2. Staggered schedule - Your kids will be in a classroom at school twice a week, the other three days will be online learning at home.
3. Traditional classroom time - Your kids will be in class five days a week. Not all students can choose this option. English language learners, kinder through second grade, and students with disabilities will be able to take advantage of this option.

You can click here to learn more about EPISD's reopening plan. Here is what a Virtual School Day will look like according to EPISD officials.


You can find out more about the plans EPISD has for social distancing, PPE, hygiene protocols, and health and safety measures they will be taking for the upcoming school year by clicking here.

I don't have school age beasties that I have to worry about so I know that my opinion is useless to parents who are struggling with this situation, but I am very glad this is happening. I can't even imagine what parents are having to do to juggle the logistics of the upcoming school year, but the possibility of a child falling ill with COVID-19 or, God forbid, dying from this virus, is unimaginable. It really is going to take a village to be able to make sure that not only do kids not fall behind in school but that parents have the support they will need to get through this school year.

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