There is a lot of ugliness going on over at the El Paso Independent School District board of trustees.

The EPISD board member who says that fellow board member Susie Byrd has a conflict of interest because she is the campaign manager for congressional candidate, Veronica Escobar, appears to be working for Escobar’s opponent, Dori Fennenbock.

Earlier this week, Trustee Mickee Loweree said she had no idea that Byrd was Veronica Escobar's campaign manager in her run for congress. Loweree said that board members are supposed to be apolitical and that Byrd should have informed the board that she is Escobar’s campaign manager.

Fast forward to Thursday night's board meeting in which the board voted to extend Superintendent Juan Cabrera's contract and shoot down Byrd's suggestion that he resign. KTSM got a screen grab of a text sent between a member of the American Federation of Teachers and Loweree after last night’s board meeting that says "Which Dori page am I suppose to like that you set up?"

Loweree texts back, "El Pasoans in Support of Dori."

Loweree did not return calls from KTSM about the text, but it looks to me like Loweree needs to hold herself to the same transparency standards as she is holding everyone else to.

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