The El Paso Independent School District is changing up its homework practices "effective immediately," a school board trustee announced Tuesday evening (2/18/20).

"I'm pleased to announce that effective immediately homework for Elementary age EPISD students has been reduced to a maximum of 10 minutes starting in 2nd grade and capping out at a maximum of 30 minutes in 5th grade," EPISD District 7 trustee Daniel Call said in a social media post. "Any additional homework will be reading only."

Call added that the decision to allow elementary students to "spend more time being kids, and less time on homework" was backed up by "the latest research." He explained the changes in more detail in an on-air interview Wednesday on Mike and Tricia Mornings.

If there's going to be homework that's going to be assigned, it's going to be math. The ten minutes in second grade and the thirty minutes in fifth grade that's non-reading homework. Typically, it's going to be math. Anything additional to that cap would be reading.

The goal, he said, was to make sure that no child "that has a teacher that loves to assign homework" would be "unduly burdened."

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