El Paso Independent School District have notified their staff, students and parents about the urgency to discontinue use the free video conferencing app, Zoom.

According to KFOX, three EPISD virtual classrooms were hacked into through Zoom. Since hacking into classrooms is a big issue, EPISD has made the smart move to stop the use of it, even though the world is obsessed with it right now.

According to EPISD.org, starting on Monday students will now be using Webex to continue their virtual school work. As all schools and businesses adjust to being more tech savvy, we all must be aware of the dangers fo the internet.

So many of these free applications don't have the best security software, so make sure when you are using it even just with your family, that you strengthen up your web security.

Us here at 93.1 KISSFM are hoping that all those new homeschool students and parents continue to do the best they can to get through this tough time for school work.

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