One local mom is behind bars after getting arrested for posing as her 7th-grade daughter for a social experiment exposing the school's faulty security protocols.

No, this is not an episode of 21Jump Street or a rom-com starring Drew Barrymore; this is a real-life incident that occurred over the last week here in El Paso.  A mom recorded herself in a now-viral video posing as her 7th-grade daughter and attending school in her place for a social experiment.

The video shows a local mom sneaking into a San Elizario middle school earlier this week, posing as her daughter to prove that our school's safety measures are inadequate.

In the video titled, Going to school as my 13yr old daughter (Middle School edition), the woman who goes by Casey Garcia on her YouTube channel is dressed in a yellow hoodie, glasses, and a face mask and is walking into the school and can be heard saying:

Do I look like a 7th grader? No? cool, awesome!

The video, recorded on Tuesday, doesn’t show the school she gained access to; however, the superintendent of San Elizario has confirmed that it happened at a middle school in San Elizario. KTSM 9 News soon after followed up, confirming that the incident occurred at Garcia-Enriquez Middle School.

Throughout the 6-minute video, the mom says that she was asked to sign in with her ID number and then just walked right past the guard.

Her video captures her day, going from class to class, even having lunch sans a mask, and goes unnoticed by the administration until the last period when the teacher kept her after class, blowing her cover.

In a follow-up video titled, Why I posed as my 13-year-old daughter. A raw but real answer-, the mom, goes on to explain that the reason she pulled this off was to prove and “expose the dangers of our schools” while “trying to protect my children and yours.”

Garcia then apologized to the parents and school district, saying that the social experiment was not aimed at the staff or the principal, noting that they are amazing but had to “prove a point” and sadly “pulled it off without a problem.”

She also took a moment to note that she noticed how the staff was so busy telling kids to get off their phones that they failed to notice that she didn’t belong.

In addition, she went on to say that even though she was physically in the classroom, teachers were so busy attending to students online that they failed to recognize her.


After her second video posted on Wednesday, Casey ended up getting arrested today (Friday), as is shown in her third video titled: Full video of the police coming to my house-

The video shows officers arrive at her home, and she asks one of the officers what made them come down? The officer responds by saying that he was instructed to arrest her based on an outstanding warrant.

It seems that after her arrest, per KFOX 14, Garcia was booked into the El Paso County Detention Facility and charged on suspicion of criminal trespassing and tampering with government records and, of course, her unrelated traffic warrant. As of this afternoon, she was being held on a bond of $7,908.

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