Man, I cannot tell you how bummed I am to hear that Elmer's Restaurant is closed. They have been around for almost 75 years. I used to go to eat there with my Seti and Jedi all the time to eat. They had amazing fried chicken, a really great diner breakfast - this really sucks.

Apparently the owner's of the restaurant defaulted in their lease. The owners of the property on Montana where Elmer's has been a fixture for so many years changed the locks and put up signs saying that going into the restaurant would be considered trespassing. The signs says that new keys would be handed over once the restaurant pays its outstanding rent.

Patricia Martinez

The owners of the property said it has been almost four months since the got a rent payment from the owners of Elmer's, but that's about all they would tell ABC-7 because they said there is a pending lawsuit.

Patricia Martinez

A customer who is friends with staff members said that it might be three months before Elmer's could possibly reopen due to the lawsuit. Someone on the Elmer's Facebook page said that the closure was a misunderstanding and they would be open soon.

If you go by Elmer's and look in the windows, you'll see the tables set for customers, but for now, it looks like I'm going to have to go somewhere else for my favorite fried chicken.