Khalid's fandom isn't the only thing that has exploded, so has his video budget.

For his latest video, Khalid shares a beautifully tragic love story, in a tropical setting. 'Saved' is the latest single the El Pasoan has chosen to turn into a video rollercoaster of emotion. Opening up slow and somber like the single, we see Khalid in his feelings in multiple locations. From the bed to a staircase to a jungle scene we Khalid alone; singing along to the song.

In between these shots, we get the story of Khalid and a lost love. The lyrics tell the story of a lover who left but he hopes she 'saved' his number, in case one day they decide to rekindle their romance or he finally gets over her. Until then, he is going to remember all the cute times they had together in the ocean, at the club, even laying head to head in the sand. The shots in this video are beautifully shot, which makes you zone in on the emotion found in Khalid's facial expression. If you don't feel the hurt in the lyrics, you will see it on his face.

Much like everyone else in El Paso, I completely love Khalid's album, 'American Teen.' The videos he has released have always been entertaining and passionate. That's just one of my favorite things about this breakout artist.

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