If you’ve lived in the area long enough, then you know there are enough haunted places around El Paso to rival any haunted city in America. From downtown to  Ft. Bliss and all points in between, there is no shortfall of haunted buildings in this old, dusty town.

Here, in no particular order, are some of the spookiest places local ghost hunting groups agree are home to a lot of activity.

Now, I'm not guaranteeing you'll have a paranormal encounter at any of these spots, but if there was ever a place where the odds are pretty darn good, it would be one of these!


El Paso Ghost Tours
El Paso Ghost Tours

Arguably one of the most, if not the most, haunted place in El Paso. With a history that dates back to the 1880′s this final resting place for 60,000 plus has more than its share of ghostly apparitions -- and shadow people.

Depending on your level of belief, shadow people are either supernatural apparitions, extra-dimensional inhabitants of another universe, optical illusions, or hallucinations.

Whatever they are, Concordia Cemetery is not for the lack of them. In fact, a fair number of cemetery visitors and grave yard enthusiasts will breathlessly tell you they’ve either seen or photographed a shadow person at Concordia before.

The one pictured above was caught on camera at the Caples Vault during an El Paso Ghost Tours cemetery walking tour, and shared solely with Mike and Tricia Mornings.


Home to at least three spirits, one of which claims to be the devil, the 100 year-old hotel is considered very active by local paranormal groups, particularly the basement.

Sudden temperature changes, and people being touched, bit, and scratched have been documented by several paranormal groups and their respective ghost tour guests. Previous investigations by The Paso del Norte Paranormal Society captured audio of a demonic-like voice in the basement, and the footage above of a shadow person coming out of a doorway, as well as the ghostly whisper of a little girl.


El Paso Playhouse Facebook
El Paso Playhouse Facebook

Reports of footsteps on the staircase when no one is on it, whispering near the spotlight and concession areas, and props and keys being moved are common. It's believed to mostly be the work of a technician who died in a work related accident during a performance in the very early days of the theater, but legend has it more than one spirit calls the community theater home.

Research in Paranormal Science of El Paso investigated the Playhouse and recorded some scary sounding whispering. You can listen to the electronic voice phenomena (EVP) they captured HERE.

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