August is almost over, and El Paso’s heatwave is hitting different this summer thanks to record rainfall and an intense humidity that's had us sweating up a storm this year.  

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Have you noticed how much more humid El Paso has gotten over the last few years?  

When my family first moved from Los Angeles to El Paso in the late 80s, I would always hear that El Paso’s heat was bearable because it was a “dry heat.”  

Over the last decade, El Paso’s humidity has become less “dry” and much more intense, especially this year, thanks to our monsoon season.  

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This summer's record rainfall is the reason a lush green blanket covers our desert and mountainous landscape, but it's also why the intense humidity has us sweating incessantly. 

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All one needs to do is stand outside for a minute before your forehead starts to bead up and sweat begins to trickle down your brow, face, and neck. 

Rain isn’t the only culprit that has led to a rise in humidity; we humans are also to blame. According to an article published by in 2007, climatologists have warned human activity is raising levels of water vapor in the lower atmosphere could which could affect patterns of extreme storms in the future. 

But, no matter what the season, you can sure bet to see the sun shining down on El Paso any day of the year.


Aptly nicknamed the Sun City, El Paso, TX, recently ranked 7th in the nation as one of the sunniest places to live, boasting over half a year of sunshine.

According to the folks at, El Paso ranks 7th as one of the best sunniest places to live in, based on the most to least annual clear days using National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration data.

The top ten list mainly includes cities in Arizona and California, making El Paso the only Texas city that made's list.

While El Paso still has a lower humidity index than, say, other Texas cities such as South Padre Island or Houston, it's undoubtedly one of the best places to live with great weather overall, but maybe calling it a "dry heat" isn't as relevant today.

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