El Paso's iconic star is once again shining on the side of the mountain - lighting up just in time for Easter weekend.

El Pasoans couldn't help notice that El Paso's iconic star was shining bright once again over the weekend. Perhaps the Easter Bunny hopped over to help fix the lights on the star that recently went out, making for a spectacular sight late on Easter Sunday.

A couple of weeks ago, heavy winds swept through the city, leaving behind a trail of damage, knocking out power twice at our studios, and toppling everything that wasn’t tied down, including knocking out half of the lights on El Paso’s iconic Star on The Mountain. 

The winds did some pretty good damage - as you can see in the picture below, more than half of the star's light bulbs had gone out.

Luis A. Mendez


Much to the surprise of El Pasoans, the El Paso Chamber of Commerce, who was expecting to complete the repairs by mid-April, ended up making the repairs in half the time.

Over the weekend, El Pasoans were happy to see the iconic star light up once again and began to post pictures of it, calling it a familiar sight and symbol for our city.

Luis A. Mendez

While the Easter Bunny may not have had anything to do with the repairs of the star, we're glad to see El Paso's star lit up in its full glory.

It may only have been less than two weeks since the star on the mountain has been out, but its presence was undoubtedly missed, and as one El Pasoan put it, "it's nice to see a familiar symbol back intact."

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