El Paso’s Union Plaza was once known as the city’s entertainment district until it wasn’t.

I have nothing but fond memories of heading out to Union Plaza in my early 20s. From 1914 to The Garden, To Plum, no matter where me and my friends went it was always a good time.

Well, Union Plaza is not what it used to be back then, but it seems as if it soon will be as more bars are starting to pop up.

Elton’s Dueling Pianos recently opened its doors. The new music venue is the first-ever dueling piano bar in El Paso and it’s located right on the corner of Union Plaza where the 1914 bar once was.

Elton’s Dueling Piano

Well, another local business is set to open in Union Plaza this December, Toltec Tiki Room. The restaurant announced on its Instagram that they were grateful for the support they have received from locals over the past two years and are excited about this next chapter.

“We’re excited to officially announce that The Tiki Room is expanding to a new location in Union Plaza in early December 2022! Expect the same tropical vibes, tiki drinks, and an expanded food menu - we’ll also be able to accommodate a few more of you tiki lovers,” read the post.

Guests can still head out to the original Toltec Tiki Room location which is located at 602 Magoffin Ave. before they move into their new location in Union Plaza, 115 Durango St D . The original location will be open through November.

Iris Lopez
Iris Lopez

If you’ve ever been to Toltec Tiki Room you’ve enjoyed the laid-back environment but one thing I always wished for was that the restaurant was a tad bit bigger, and it seems as if my manifestations have come true. 

The new location in Union Plaza will be a much bigger space and will allow for more guests to enjoy the classic tiki cocktails and amazing food!

It’s great to see El Paso’s Union Plaza coming back to life! Hopefully more local businesses will open shop in Union Plaza so the area can go back to being what it once was.

Elton’s Dueling Pianos

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