This past weekend's weather was intense and even deadly. Last Friday evening we all got a few weather alerts warning us about flash floods. People in El Paso know how bad it really gets when it rains.

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We all can't forget the time El Paso, Texas experienced a really bad flood in 2006. Luckily, I was enjoying the perfect weather in California during the rainstorm in 2006. But the morning we got back was the day after the storm had passed.

What my family and I came back to was a house with Blockbuster DVDs scattered all around. At that time I was living on Isabella Dr. which was right around the corner from Blockbuster. The rainstorm was so intense that it managed to damage the Blockbuster building.

It was a crazy storm that left homes damaged as well around town. The South Central area was really bad after the 2006 storm. Well, this year we got another taste of a similar storm over the weekend.

Except for this recent storm we had seemed a lot worse and did more damage than the last. In my opinion, this storm was worse because of the intensity of damages and the lives that were lost due to it. We all should know materials aren't anything when compared to human life.

Just check out the KVIA Abc 7 News clip from this past weekend's storms in the video above. A grandma and her granddaughter lost their lives over the weekend due to the storm's disaster. The 2006 and 2021 storms seem equivalent but I feel this year's storm takes the cake. In the poll below select the year you think was the worst storm.

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