Darren and I were watching the Texas Rangers play the Minnesota Twins last night before he went back to work on his show when Mother Nature decided to flex her muscles and turn strong baseball players into leeettle guuuurls!

It was the top of the fourth inning, and even though there had been storms in the area, the weather didn't seem to be that bad until this happened:

It was pretty damned scary to see that happen in real time!  I thought our screen had blanked for a second until the thunder cracked and made me jump out of my chair!  The players took off running as well, and a couple even said that they were glad no one heard them scream!

It isn't the first time Mama Nature has decided to make her presence known this baseball season.  There was the tarp that attacked grounds crew members in Illinois in June during a minor league game, and then on July 5th, another grounds crew team was attacked  during a minor league game by their tarp during a thunderstorm.

Um, I'm sensing a minor league game pattern here....  Should we be worried, what with a new minor league baseball stadium scheduled to be built in downtown El Paso?  yikes...

But just to show that lightning is a dangerous thing even when there are no baseballs around, here is a classic clip from Storm 2006.  I'll bet this guy never stuck his head out again during a thunderstorm!

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