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Yesterday we found out that El Paso’s Triple-A Baseball team would be known as The Chihuahuas. Now, some El Pasoans are voicing their opinion in a petition to have the name changed.

Alex Morales has stepped up to the plate for all those up in arms about the chosen name. Some consider it offensive while others simply just do not like it.

Now Morales is circulating a petition with all those people who feel the same in hopes that Mountain Star Sports Group reconsiders and changes the team’s name.

Will you be signing the petition and do you think it will even make a difference?

Read Alex Morales petition below:

“Baseball was once, and to me still is, considered America's pastime. Unfortunately not many people in El Paso, Texas feel the same way. In a predominantly hispanic area, more people show interest in sports such as soccer and football. Mountain Star Sports Group had an opportunity to change that when they revealed that they would be bringing the San Diego Padres triple A affiliate to El Paso effective the 2014 season. While I, as well as thousands of fellow El Pasoans, are grateful and excited for the great opportunity that Mountain Star Sports Group has graced upon our city, we feel that the team name they decided upon, "The Chihuahuas" strongly misrepresents our great city of El Paso. El Pasoans have shown numerous reasons as to why we oppose this name, ranging from "non-intimidating" and "stereotypically offensive" to downright "ugly". We as (tax-paying) citizens of El Paso request that Mountain Star Sports Group, LLC not only strongly reconsider the name of our city's baseball team, but allow our taxpayers to vote on the final name, not just simply "recommend" ideas for the name.”

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